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Meat Boutique butchers, your ultimate destination for premium quality meats at unbeatable prices. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, our experienced team of butchers bring you a remarkable selection of handpicked meats, prepared and served with passion.


Say goodbye to long queues and crowded aisles! Our dedicated team is here to simplify your shopping experience. Simply place your order in advance and collect at a time that suits you. Send us a WhatsApp us today on 822 621 145 or view our products here


Can’t see exactly what you want? No problem! At Meat Boutique, we understand that everyone has unique preferences and requirements. That’s why we offer our bespoke ordering service. Simply let us know your desired meat, cuts and quantities, and we’ll go the extra mile to source them for you.

Home Delivery

Take the hassle out of grocery shopping and let us bring the goodness to your doorstep. Simply call us to place your meat order, and we’ll make sure it’s delivered directly to your door on any Tuesday or Thursday. Enjoy the convenience and unmatched taste of our home delivery service.

Butchers Boxes

Designed with your convenience in mind, these thoughtfully curated boxes offer a discounted selection of our most popular meats. Say goodbye to culinary dilemmas and let our butchers boxes be your go-to solution for that special event.


We firmly believe that every meat lover deserves an extraordinary culinary experience, and that’s precisely what we aim to offer. As a VIP Meat Club member, you’ll gain access to the most exclusive and rare cuts of meat. Our expert team handpicks these exceptional pieces, and when we come across something special, we’ll personally reach out to you.


As a top-rated butcher shop owned by Venture Group Tenerife, we take pride in supplying local businesses with the finest meats available on the market. Our expert butchers meticulously select and approve the quality of our stock every day, ensuring that only the freshest and most flavourful meats are provided to our esteemed clients.


Luxury cuts are our specialty. We take great pride in supplying a wide range of premium dry-aged meats, including the highly acclaimed GOYA, Okelan, Luismi, National Añojo, and Wagyu. Our expert butchers skillfully dry age these exceptional meats to deliver the epitome of flavour and tenderness.

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