Luxury Cuts


Exclusive to Venture Restaurants Tenerife, this award winning, 4th generation family run business supplies the highest quality, tender steak with a simple, clean flavour. We dry age in our butchers Meat Boutique for a minimum of 30 days for a rich, but not too mature flavour.

Galician Meat of High Expression and Prestige "Luismi"

Currently regarded as some of the best quality meat in the word. We are proud to be distributors of the prestigious Luismi meat renound for its incredible texture and perfect balance of flavours.

National Steak “Añojo”

Grass-fed calves between 14 and 24 months of age, the meat is light red, tender, moist and easily digestible.


A deep, ruby-red meat. Rich and robust in flavour. Heavily marbled and matured for 30-40 days to intensify the flavour.


Regarded as one of the best meats in the world and offering an exquisite, tender flavour. All the animals are more than 48 months of age and are reared on a farm with all-natural food.