Open seven days a week, Meat Boutique butchers is owned by Venture Group Tenerife and supplies all the restaurants in its chain.

This means there is a huge turnover of stock ensuring freshness and quality, checked and approved by our expert butchers every day.

At Meat Boutique we dry-age, in-house on the bone for flavour, stock only naturally reared, grass-fed beef, make our own sausages and 100% beef burgers, and select only the highest quality meats.

What we offer...



We supply a large range of premium dry-aged meats including the multi-award winning GOYA, Okelan, Luismi, National Añojo and Wagyu.

These premium meats are dry aged by our butchers to offer the ultimate flavour and tenderness.

The dry aging process takes place in a specialist fridge with finely controlled temperature and humidity for a minimum of 35 days. During this process the moisture is drawn out of the meat causing the beef’s natural enzymes to break down the connective tissue leaving the meat extremely flavourful and tender.



As the proud supplier of the Dedos burger patty, which was crowned as Tenerife’s best burger in the renowned Best Burger Spain competition, we invite you to experience our 100% beef burgers, made fresh daily from grass fed cows.

Alongside our award-winning classic patty, we offer an enticing selection of Angus burgers, bacon burgers, cheeseburgers, and chicken burgers guaranteed to elevate your BBQ status to the talk of the town.



Take the hassle out of dinnertime with our tasty, marinated meats.

Enjoy a great range of flavours including fragrant Thai chicken skewers to mouth-watering spicy beef.

Whether you’re catering for a large group or simply getting the family fed, these trouble-free marinated meats are just the job.



We offer both white and yellow whole free range, corn-fed chickens.
The tender white meat of the breast is also available on the bone, or as a fillet or sold separately in drumsticks, wings and thighs.



All of our sausages are handmade by our butchers using their own special recipe and piped into natural castings.

Enjoy a tempting range of different flavours to choose from including pork sausage, Empire sage and onion, or beef and chilli.

We also offer salted or smoked bacon produced from free-range pork, hand sliced on site. Pork chops, pork neck, pork loin, pork fillet, pork ribs or pork belly.

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