Meat Boutique, Tenerife Butchers

Being a part of the prestigious Venture Restaurants Tenerife group, we understand just how important it is to offer quality, consistency and value for money, time after time.

We have combined our passion for the hospitality industry, with our experienced team of butcher’s, who have over 40 years’ experience in traditional cutting methods and butchery. “

Your local Butchers

As well as our shop being open 6 days a week, Meat Boutique supplies meat to many local businesses daily in Tenerife, including each of our Venture Restaurants in our chain Bianco, Imperial Tai-Pan, Empire Modern British Restaurant & SteakHouse, Thai Botancio , Char Modern Cocina & Grill, Restaurant 88, Lagarto Brasserie, Bloom Bar & Brunch, Dedos Global Kitchen, FincaTres Roques and Magic Lounge Club ​. This ensures a massive turnover in stock and produce that is personally checked, and approved, by us every single day.

At Meat Boutique we dry-age, in-house on the bone for flavour, stock only naturally reared, grass-fed beef, make our own gluten free sausages and 100% beef burgers, and select only the highest quality meats, free from growth hormones, antibiotics or cruelty.

Home delivery

Looking for the best quality meat delivered right to your door? Take advantage of our free home delivery service available every Monday and Thursday at Meat Boutique. Simply message us 1 day before on 638 146 400 and your deliviery will arrive promptly the next day.

Premium Beef & Dry-aging

We provide only naturally reared, grass fed Beef. We dry-age all of our premium meat, in-house at Meat Boutique for a minimum of 35 days in a special fridge with controlled humidity and temperatures, to produce the best possible taste and quality. The animals selected are a minimum of 4-6 years old depending on the level of quality and are grass-fed outside for a minimum of 10 months of the year, only being moved inside during the extremely cold months.

Luxury Cuts

We supply a large range of premium, in-house, dry-aged meats including Okelan, Luismi, National Añojo, Txogitxu and Wagyu.

Select, marinated meat

If you`re looking for something tasty for dinner, but not feeling too experimental you can indulge in some of our especially marinated meats. With delicious options to choose from ranging from Thai chicken skewers to spicy marinated Beef, they will be sure to liven up your dinnertime with minimum effort for you!

100% Beef burgers

The star of every BBQ! We produce in-house our very own 100% Beef patties. Made from 100% grass-fed cows which roam freely. Our burgers contain no hormones, antibiotics or preservatives. They are also gluten free and made fresh, daily, by us. We also produce Angus burgers, bacon burgers, cheeseburgers & chicken burgers, so why not give them all a try!


Feel like chicken tonight? We offer both white chicken and yellow corn-fed chickens here at Meat Boutique, both types are free to roam outdoors and in comfortable surroundings.


We believe it is vitally important to know exactly where all of our meat comes from. This is why we work very closely with all of our providers and regularly visit our pork farm where we can see the quality of the animals and the conditions in which they are kept. Our Pork is outdoor reared and delivers the best possible taste and quality. All of our pork is cut and prepared to order by our highly trained butchers. We also offer great advice, preparation and cooking tips for anyone not familiar with cooking swine. Have you tried our sausages yet……?


We use a specialist Lamb supplier from New Zealand offering outdoor reared, grass fed lambs, guaranteed to bring you the best quality cuts at any time of year. We sell a whole range of Lamb including lamb shanks, legs, shoulder and chops.